New Single #HoodrichxFlippa

Atlanta artists Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Flippa da Skippa drop a song called, Vanilla Ice. Atlanta is running the Hip-Hop game currently, having so many different artists that are able to work together and produce great music. Atlanta is a city where artists want to help each other and see each other grow, unlike many other cities. Hoodrich and Skippa individually hold it down for the newer rappers. Together, how do they sound? Make sure to comment below! #RealRapbl

New Single #NbaYoungBoy

Baton Rouge artist, NBA YoungBoy, dropped a new single called, “Dope Land.” It is possible the young melodic rapper is releasing a project soon, telling from this single cover. He’s one of the youngest rappers in the game right now putting numbers on the charts, and selling out shows. Is NBA YoungBoy here to stay or will the industry leave him behind? Make sure to comment below! #RealRapbl

New Single #JuiceWrld

Chicago artist, Juice WRLD, has been HOT in 2018. He released a new single called, “Lavender Town.” His sound stands out from the typical Chicago drill sound. He was introduced recently this year, and has been climbing to the top of the charts. What about him makes him stand out from his peers? Do you think he will be around for years to come? Make sure comment below! #RealRapbl

New Single #DaveEast

Lyricist Dave East released a new single called, “No Pork”. The young New York rapper has been dropping music consistently since his latest joint project with Styles P. New York has been rising to the top lately in music. Do you think Dave East is one of the best new lyricists to come out of New York? And if not, Harlem? Make sure to comment below! #RealRapbl

Eminem Drops A Diss Track #MGK #RealRapbl


Legendary MC Eminem drops a diss song in response to MGK’s (Machine Gun Kelly’s) diss song, Rap Devil. The Detroit MC felt a need to respond to MGK after MGK responded to Eminem’s latest album, Kamikaze. The beef all started when MGK mentioned Eminem’s daughter, Hailey, in an inappropriate tweet back in 2012. 6 years later, Eminem felt the need to address the Ohio Rapper. If you listened to both diss tracks…who won? #RealRapbl